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We are a home haunt started from our love of Halloween, haunted houses,

and all things spooky. 

We support the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry.

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Have the most fun you can this fall... scaring people while also helping others!

Join Haunted Laurianne Woods as a volunteer in support of the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry.  

 If you're looking for an creative outlet, a chance to build cool things, or just want to have the most memorable Halloween ever join us this Fall.

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“The old folk have gone away, and foreigners do not like to live there…It is not because of anything that can be seen or heard or handled, but because of something that is imagined. The place is not good for imagination, and does not bring restful dreams.”

– H.P. Lovecraft ‘The Colour out of Space’

There are places in this world that can only be described as ‘wrong’.

The area now called Laurianne Woods, or ‘the Woods’ by locals, holds one of these sites. Here the shadows cast a little longer than are normal. The colors grey and drain from the vegetation that wither in the hard soil. The whispered tales of feverish dreams of any who have laid their heads to rest on this cursed ground keep away most; drawing only the unstable and diseased minds closer to its embrace.

To walk the trails within Laurianne Woods is to lose your way.  Each twist and turn may lead you to new parts of the woods or even changes in time itself.  The woods are alive with an ancient horror that longs to keep you within it grasps.

Never veer from the path before you. Never trust what you see.  Never scream.


 Beware the Woods.

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