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Laurianne Woods Cemetery

In the woods sits a cemetery, unkempt and forgotten.  The ground here in defiance of the departed, pushes its inhabitants to surface.  Stories tell of a creatures that hide in the shadows of the mausoleums and crypts.  In madness, they are hell bent to never let anyone who passes through the gates of the cemetery leave.

Children of the Great Pumpkin

Learn of the legend of Cromm Cruaich and his bid to return to this world. Through the children he will find passage into Laurianne Woods.  All hail the pumpkin king!

Lair of the Spider Witch

Fight your way through the treacherous webs of man-eating spiders to the home of Esther Grace.  Uncover the mystery of one town's missing children and the legend of the Spider Witch.

Thrills! Chills! Excitement for all when the circus comes to town!  Awe at the 3D clown-o-vision, recoil at the bizarre oddities, get lost in Chompo's maze. All part of Girrand's plan that you never  leave the deadliest show on Earth.

Girrand's Traveling Circus & Oddities Sideshow

Local legend tells of an axe wielding madman dressed in a bunny suit at the Colchester Overpass near Clifton, VA.  But what is the true story of his origin?  Travel to Laurianne Woods to uncover the orignins of Northern Virginia's best known urban legend.

Legend of the Bunny Man

The Cleburne Family Plot

Tread lightly when passing through the backwoods of the Cleburne Family plot.  Can you make it through the Cleburne's house of horrors to safety? It's feeding time on the farm - and you're the main course!

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