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2015 Designs Begin

Well, the itch has started again. After getting this past years haunt torn down and stored away, a break over holidays, and work consuming several weekends in between, the itch has returned to getting started on this year's haunt. The first big part of that is thinking about what additions or changes to make and how that will fit with our budget. This year's budget won't be as large as last years so I'm doubtful to have major overhauls like 2014. First thing to focus on will be on upgrading the Corn Fields and Spider den areas which didn't get as much love as our other sections in the past two years.

After that, minor changes to all the other sections but probably no major redos in themes. For those its a matter of thinking about what worked? What didn't? The question that always has to be in the back of your mind while doing a design is "Yeah, but is it scary?" The second question being "Ok, if not is it memorable or entertaining?" I can often come up with great ideas that require elaborate set ups, complex story lines or characters that will need to be fit into a scene that you will see for less than a minute. Will it work though? Is it too complicated and more likely to fall flat if all the pieces don't click?

Is it scary?


If not, is it memorable?


With current resources can we pull it off, or does it go into the idea book for a later time?

While I think through these questions and sketch out new designs, I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on the same thing from 2014. Please leave a comment below or send us a message through the Contacts page or via Facebook if you'd like to leave feedback on any of the following:

What was your favorite section of the haunt?

What was your least favorite section of the haunt?

What was the scariest section of the haunt?

What was the least scariest sections of the haunt?

What was your favorite character?

What was something you still remember from the haunt?

What was something that startled/shocked/scared you?

What was something that made you laugh?

Is there a theme or new area you'd like to see?

Is there a character or type of monster you'd like to see?

Thanks All. Looking forward to seeing you in 2015.

- Ben

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