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2015 Dates Announced!

Haunted Laurianne Woods will be open the following dates:

Oct 23, 24, 29, 30, & 31

Oct 23rd and 29th - 7-9PM - "Open House" Nights

Oct 24th, 30th 7-11PM - Full Haunt Experience

Oct 31st - 7-11PM - Halloween - Full Haunt Experience and candy for trick-or-treaters

Open House dates are a chance to preview the haunt without actors or fog/strobes. This is recommended for parents who want to see if the imagery and scare level of the haunt is appropriate for their children, those that don't wish to be scared, or those looking for a chance to look at props and sets at their leisure.

Full Haunt Experience dates will be the haunt under full production conditions (actors present, fog, strobe lights, effects in use). We recommend coming on the 24th or 30th for a shorter wait as Halloween night usually has a large turnout.

Please park in the Commuter Lot located on Limestone Drive. Behind Gainesville Methodist United Church. This is a short walk to the haunt (8233 Katie Lynn Ct Gainesville, VA).

This event is held within a residential neighborhood. Please be respectful and courteous to our neighbors when attending the haunt; we are very fortunate to be able to host this event each year with out incident. Please do not park in front of neighboring houses, block entrance ways, make unnessecary noise, or litter.

On Halloween, please be watchful for trick-or treaters as many of the streets in the Laurianne Woods neighborhood does not have sidewalks.

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